Why Leasing Increases Sales and Profits

Why Leasing Increases Sales and Profits

Why should you encourage leasing? Because leasing can be one of the most effective sales tools available to you. You can make leasing work for you! By approaching your sale from a leasing perspective, you will enjoy greater sales and profits!

One of the greatest benefits leasing provides is the speed and efficiency with which a sale can be closed. Payments can start immediately - in attractive and affordable terms. Documents can be sent to your customer within 24 business hours. You keep control of the sale and get the customer to commit.

You increase the customer's purchasing power by offering leasing. Since the incremental monthly lease cost of a larger unit or obtaining additional features is so small, your customer is more inclined to increase the size of their purchase - and your profits!!

Through leasing, you make it easy and convenient for your customer to acquire your equipment. No need to delay your sales while other financing is sought by your customer. You control the sale! Your customer wants, needs, and expects a single source to fulfill their needs. Do not underestimate the convenience and value of this additional service to you and your customer.

By quoting lease figures, you present the cost of your equipment in the least expensive terms. You can change a possibly negative price image into an easily budgeted item. Your customer will see that the time and cost savings generated by the new equipment will far exceed the low monthly lease payments.

You will find that leasing increases customer loyalty and leads to more frequent add-ons, trade-ups, and new equipment acquisitions than with an outright purchase. Government Leasing, LLC's lease program allows you to structure your customer's agreement to allow them to keep up with changing technology.

By characterizing leasing as an operating cost, your customer is able to avoid a capital budget limitation and avoid a lengthy appropriation process; ending the processes that would delay your sale.

Margins can be preserved and a competitive pricing difference minimized when the cost of your equipment is expressed in terms of a monthly lease payment. Removing the monetary burden will allow you to focus your customer on the superior capabilities, performance, and cost benefits of your equipment.